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The following are some of the most frequently asked questions of our clients. We hope that this information is helpful, and if you have additional questions or comments please contact us.

What types of service does skybase offer?

We offer solutions that effectively deal with the complexities of providing quality telephony voice, data and visual over satellite Internet. These advanced units allow many more telephone handsets to be in use simultaneously with other networking functions. For the user, it's delivering a simple dial tone and the specialized equipment deals with the quality of service issues. With this application, we are able to provide working telephones at multiple desks within an office, EOC, or mobile command center even while all other computing facilities are being utilized!


What is the advantage to SkyBase's Satellite Delivered Broadband Internet?

A transmit/receive dish antenna mounted on a permanent installation, a mobile command center, or in a transportable "fly-a-way" package connects to an always on Internet Service Provider (ISP) by satellite. No local landlines or towers are involved. Service plans are available for up to T1 speeds. Flexible plans for emergency response are also available. An antenna automatically deploys from a folded down "clamshell" configuration and acquires the correct satellite.  It is used in mobile as well as permanent installations. Fixed dishes are also an option on buildings.

The satellite Internet service comes into the command center via modem and voice-data management devices that serve several essential functions to deliver quality voice and data. Your existing network may be linked into these so that your computer stations remain connected to the Internet when landlines fail. As an alternative, computers, Fax, and other devices may be connected directly to the device. A wireless unit can be used inside of the facility or, mounted on the roof of a mobile unit to provide wireless connectivity.

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