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About Skybase Commincations

SkyBase Communications is the leading provider of emergency satellite communications solutions for government and enterprise customers in the Southeast United States.

SkyBase represents every satellite phone provider serving North America. We consult with government and private enterprise on which systems best meet their specific needs. Our systems are available as fixed base stations for buildings and offices, transportable mobile systems for vehicular use, and fly-a-way, transportable systems for robust broadband connectivity over satellite.

We have installed the same systems that State and Federal Emergency Response agencies use in numerous hospital facilities including Hospital Corporation of America, The Connecticut Department of Health, Centers for Disease Control, and CMED Centers. The systems are also used at the Kennedy Space Center Emergency Operations Center and Command and Control Building as well as JPL and Patrick Air Force Base.

SkyBase broadband over satellite back-up systems for Internet, Data, and VOIP applications are in use by State and County Mobile Command Vehicles as well as in quickly deployable fly-a-way systems that can be connected to an enterprise network in hours after a disaster.

Contact SkyBase Communications to discuss your needs. We would be pleased to develop a satellite system that keeps you communicating when all else fails.

SkyBase is a proud dealer for the following: NAGC
CCR Registered Vendor

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